The Maids at La MaMa
The Maids at La MaMa

The Maids at La MaMa
The Maids at La MaMa

NY Andalus Ensemble
NY Andalus Ensemble

The Maids at La MaMa
The Maids at La MaMa



Coming up, the Franca Rame Project, a feminist rad piece at Irondale Theater April 24- May 4, 2019!

Previous work include NY Times Critic's Pick The Workshop at HB Playwrights Theater opposite Austin Pendleton, The Maids at La MaMa ETC andBetween the Threads, a devised theater piece at HERE Arts Center in January 2019.



"An incisive and insightful tale of ambition and envy, inspiration and mediocrity"


"All the actors portraying the students are excellent"

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"The cast and creative team expertly navigated the fine line between chaos and structure, transcending the basic requirements of performance and entering the realm of the deeply symbolic."



The Franca Rame Project

April 24, 2019

Pieces by Franca Rame & Dario Fo

Translated by Gillian Hanna
Conceived by Zishan Ugurlu & Laura Lassy Townsend
Direction by Zishan Ugurlu


Featuring M. Bazeed, Cynthia LaCruz,  Niki Morrissette, Laura Lassy Townsend* & Yu Ling Wu

Locked up in a flat, an exuberant housewife makes her confession amid domestic chores, dodgy phone calls, a sex-mad brother-in-law and a forever screaming baby; a woman denied abortion teaches good sex and feminist fairy tales, a sex worker committed to an asylum tells her story of political action. These exhilarating, irreverent stories propel the audience to a harrowing and shocking climax.

Written by Italian playwrights, actors and activists Franca Rame and Dario Fo at the height of the second feminist wave in the 1970s, THE FRANCA RAME PROJECT is a satirical depiction of the condition of women past and present in the context of institutionalized patriarchy. From farce to tragedy, the texts frontally address pressing women issues, such as sexual politics, financial and psychological dependence, motherhood, prostitution, abortion, abuse, and rape. They bring the political resistance and the fight for women’s rights onto the stage.

Texts written in Italian find a new life for the first time presented by five female and non-binary identifying people in English, with selected passages in French, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese.

April 26, May 2,3,4 at 7 pm
April 24, 25, 27 at 9 pm

May 1 & 4 at 3 pm

25$ General Admission | 18$ students

*appears courtesy of Actor’s Equity.

Between the Threads: a Jewish Women Project.

January 09, 2019

Between the Threads (Jewish Women Project) is a devised theatre piece about Jewish women in America exploring their relationship to their Judaism. What does it mean to be part of a tiny minority with a disproportionate representation in the national consciousness? How does our identity as Jews intersect with our identities as women? How important is our Judaism to our lives now? What is our responsibility as a historically oppressed people in the face of blatant injustice in our own country, and injustice done in our name in another?


A group of six female-identified artists explore their personal history to present a collage of varied perspectives on what it means to be perennially in-between: in the intersection of tradition and modernity, power and oppression.

Conceived and Directed by Coral Cohen
Original Music by Zoë Aqua
Performed and Co-created by: Zoë Aqua, Hannah Goldman, Lea Kalisch, Luisa Muhr, Daniella Seidl, Laura Lassy Townsend*
Dramaturg & Script Supervisor: Tatiana Baccari
Associate Producers: Kimberly Dillon & Lucy Powis

*Appears courtesy of AEA.

Tickets: 25$

Jan 18 - Feb 10, 2019
Wed and Fri-Sat @ 7pm
Sundays @ 2pm (and Sat, Feb 9 @ 2pm)

Approximate Run Time: 1hr

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